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  • pelotas de rehabilitaci
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    Rehabilitation balls

    Balls for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for dogs. Different diameters for dogs of different sizes and races. To work in the antero-posterior and latero plane

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  • Enfriador de rodilla
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    Heat therapy for the knee

    Neoprene cooler/warmer specially designed for the knee. Neoprene's and new generation velcro serves both to keep a cold pack (cold) or hot pack (heat) in the knee in a comfortable way, safe and effective.

    50,00 €
  • Massager with infrared
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    Massager with infrared

    Tool of massage with infrared built-in. It accelerates blood circulation of the subcutaneous tissues, muscles, ligaments and joints.

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  • conos rehabilitaci
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    Cones rehabilitation with holes

    Cones with lateral holes for pegs. It is easy, simple and economic stakes for support. We can vary the height and distance of the obstacles easily.

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  • kinesiotape box 6 rolls
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    kinesiotape box 6 rolls

    Cotton tape, porous, breathable and the same thickness of skin (neuromuscular bandage) 140% of longitudinal elasticity Original Japanese Good adhesion Box of 6 rolls

    66,00 €
  • Pack TENS for dogs
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    Pack TENS for dogs

    Pack TENS for dogs consists of an electro-Stimulator, four rubber electrodes and a pot of contact gel. The pack includes everything you need for the application of current analgesic in dogs.

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  • electrodos goma tres medidas
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    Electrode paste Chatonaga
    CH79966 / CH79967 / CH79968

    Flexible and reusable electrodes Made of conductive rubber Three different sizes for different breeds of dog or area to be treated For use with conductive gel, don't need to shave the skin of the animal

    2,80 €
  • Chaleco Salvavidas
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    Dog life jacket

    Life jacket Ruffwear dog. Ideal to protect your pet in the sea, mountain rivers, or lakes. Highly recommended use in hydrotherapy treatments.

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  • Pressure relief mattress and moisture
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    Pressure relief mattress and moisture

    Antidecubitus mattress with the most revolutionary fabric in the market. Special fabric 3D. Breathable, fully adaptable to the body of the dog, moisture. maximum comfort and hygiene for your dog.

    23,55 €
  • vet pt
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    VET PT system

    TENS, electro-stimulation, ultrasound and laser (optional) in a single device. Specific equipment for use in animals. Protocols established for dogs and horses. The most comprehensive and modern market unit. Possibility of 2 and 4 channels.

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  • aparato corrientes intellect mobile stim
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  • Masajeador por percusi
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    By percussion and infrared Massager

    The Percussion Massager with infrared specialized massage is based on the principle of massage by golpeamiento. It provides an intensive massage.

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  • piqueta de pl
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    Pickaxe in plastic for rehabilitation

    Pickaxe in plastic for rehabilitation. They can be inserted at the top of the cones or in the lateral part of the cones with holes, using cones with holes of bracket.

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  • Rehabilitation peanut
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    Rehabilitation peanut

    Rehabilitation peanut This rehabilitation peanut made a very tough material. Used to work along with the balls of Bobath proprioception. It allows us to work the proprioceptive of members preceding or following rehabilitation.

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  • Cincha de neopreno para crio/termoterapia
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    Cryo/thermotherapy neoprene strap

    Neoprene Sleeve that provides compression and support for cold/hot pack-With elastic straps for a more fit and facilitate implementation -Includes a reusable hot/cold pack that can be used cold or hot, depending on the therapy to be applied-1 Unit + 1 hot/coldpack

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  • kinesiotaping adhesive spray
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    kinesiotaping adhesive spray

    Adhesive spray designed to secure the kinesiotaping tapes. It helps in much sweating or areas in those parts of the body where it is more difficult to attach the kinesiotaping safely. -Ideal for treatments with dogs with lots of activity -Fully compatible with the Kinesiology Tape K-Active -Always use with shaved or short-haired dogs.

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  • El laser mini para perros tiene multiples aplicaciones
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    Mini Power Laser

    Two forms of treatment sensitive points and points normal, deep and extensive areas? s. It has been conceived as a minimalist version and low cost of Power Laser. Its functions are the most fundamental: 100 mW to 500 mW.with a beep for each 1 J up to 10 J. -Glasses are not necessary to its use?

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  • Cabezales de ultrasonidos 1,2,5 y10 cm2
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    Ultrasound head Chattonaga

    Ergonomic ultrasound heads They operate at 1 and 3 MHz Different sizes for different treatment conditions. 1, 2, 5 and 10 CM2

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  • colchón veterinario
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    Veterinary mattress

    Mattress special for veterinary clinics Antifúngico, easy to clean, antidecubitus and completely permeable It allows to let liquid corparales and keeping the dog clean and dry We can manufacture it to the desired size. Total comfort and maximum cleaning and safety.

    28,47 €
  • Conector PINZAS Cocodrilo
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    Conector PINZAS Cocodrilo
    REF. G_ZM0146

    3,00 €
  • PACK TENS / EMS for dogs
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    PACK TENS / EMS for dogs

    TENS Dog Pack consists of a TENS / EMS (features 5 TENS modes and 2 EMS modes which all functions are fully adjustable and 2 independent channels), four 30x50 rubber electrodes and a pot of gel contact 1 liter. The package includes everything needed to implement current analgesic in dogs.

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  • Venda el
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    Cohesive elastic bandage

    Power Flex AndoverCohesive elastic bandage. It is applied directly on the skin without the need for adherents. -More strong, comfortable and easy apply to the traditional tape-Easy to tear-Breathable-Not shown with sweat- Saving up to 33% of tape-Different colors (blue, red, white)

    58,30 €
  • Pelota huevo FitPaws
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    Ball egg FitPaws

    The oval ball fitPaws allows different works safely and effectively, such as: balance and coordination, dynamic work for strength and muscle tone, posture and flexibility work consciousness.

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  • Colch
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    Oval mattress for old dogs

    New oval thermal mattress for dogs? This mattress has been specially designed to enable old or osteoarthritic? dogs rest comfortably. Back on Track fabrics increase blood circulation and improve rest.

    75,62 €

Material for reahabilitación and physiotherapy for dogs. You can find everything from small domestic TENS or basic elements for dog rehabilitation to advanced rehabilitation equipment for veterinary canine rehabilitation center. If you want equipe a canine rehabilitation center contact us, we are specialists!

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