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  • Chaleco Salvavidas
    Out of stock
    Dog life jacket

    Life jacket Ruffwear dog. Ideal to protect your pet in the sea, mountain rivers, or lakes. Highly recommended use in hydrotherapy treatments.

    68,50 € 76,12 € -10%
  • Multi rehabilitation center

    This new product has been designed as a full team of rehabilitation and hydrotherapy Specialized. The team provides a perfect solution the owners of centers hospilarios with reduced space available for rehabilitation. 

    0,00 €
  • Piscina Italiana para perros
    Out of stock
    Italian pool for dogs

    Pool for rehabilitation of dogs, underwater treadmill, inclination of the tape, speed and temperature regulator. Design and Italian-made, top quality, customization according to needs.

    0,00 €

Hydrotherapy is one of the methods most commonly used in the rehabilitation of dogs. Aside from the underwater treadmill, there are other items to work on the water.

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