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  • Cabezales de ultrasonidos 1,2,5 y10 cm2
    Out of stock
    Ultrasound head Chattonaga

    Ergonomic ultrasound heads They operate at 1 and 3 MHz Different sizes for different treatment conditions. 1, 2, 5 and 10 CM2

    320,00 €
  • carrito
    Out of stock
    Support cart

    Transportation and storage cart Ideal in the veterinary clinics The Cart allows you to store gels and other heads, electrodes, instruction...

    410,00 €
  • adaptador
    Out of stock
    adapter on the bandwagon of mobile units

    Support to join the mobile unit to transport cart. The adapter is essential to join the mobile units to the cart.

    99,00 €
  • vet pt
    Out of stock
    VET PT system

    TENS, electro-stimulation, ultrasound and laser (optional) in a single device. Specific equipment for use in animals. Protocols established for dogs and horses. The most comprehensive and modern market unit. Possibility of 2 and 4 channels.

    3 695,00 €

Ultrasounds are the anti-inflammatory system par excellence used by physiotherapists. In dogs we recommend devices that can work at 1 and 3 MHz since we are many surface structures which respond best to 3 MHz.

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