Natural anti-inflammatory 

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  • Canine Inflamex
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    Canine Inflamex

    The natural alternative a powerful Anti-inflammatory specifically developed for dogs.Inflamex ES a careful combination of the Devil's claw and cassava, both herbs they are well known for their beneficial effects.Inflamex It can be used in conjunction with Cortaflex.

    25,91 €
  • Canine Super-Fen
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    Canine Super-Fen

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug Natural  Specific to dogs, with quick effects. Adeversos effects are not known nor gives positive in doping control. With ASU and Bromelain

    31,36 €

Natural anti-inflammatory without side effects, no medicinal substances. They are made additions of plant extracts that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects without digestive, kidney or liver problems.

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