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  • Cortaflex solution
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    Cortaflex solution

    Condoprotector of high-end, number 1 in the USA. Protects and nourishes cartilage joint of your dog or cat. To keep your joints as healthy as possible in the long run, manage Cortaflex daily.

    37,98 €
  • Cortaflex
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    Canine & Feline Cortaflex nutritionally supports Canine & Feline Cortaflex® nutritionally supports the health of every joint in the body,providing nutrients for lubrication and flexibility of movement.Based on the clinically proven formulation that has taken the equineword by storm,Canine & Feline Cortaflex® is the ultimate jointsupplement for...

    30,54 €
  • Joint Care
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    Joint Care

     Canine Joint Supplement?, to prolong joint mobility?.

    26,24 €

The chondroprotectors protect cartilage joint degeneration, they improve and prevent the evolution of processes of osteoarthritis. They are recommended by the largest part of veterinarians in dog after a certain age, offer chondroprotectors imported from the United States at a very interesting price.

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