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  • Arn
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    Dog integral harness

    Integral dog harness The integral dog harness is the answer to an all-in-one support harness. Designed by canine rehabilitation experts specifically for post-op patient control and as an assistive device for older arthritic dogs.

    33,84 €
  • Arn
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    Lift harness

    Lift harness Harness for dogs with reduced mobility in back limbs. It can be adjusted to enable the dog to relieve himself normally. This design is compatible with the dog wheelchair 24 h.

    45,04 €
  • Master Arn
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    Master canine harness

    This harness Canine three points clamping Crea a secure connection between the person and the dog, providing This of maximum safety and comfort. Originally designed for dogs service and dogs Working What benefit of a harness of control, a element of identity and a point insurance clamping.

    53,68 €
  • Arnés de apoyo completo
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    Assisted support harness

    The main feature of this harness is that it incorporates a harness for the dog owner to withstand weight comfortably and not load it all in his arms. The harness for disabled dogs most complete in the market.

    182,64 €
  • Chaleco Salvavidas
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    Dog life jacket

    Life jacket Ruffwear dog. Ideal to protect your pet in the sea, mountain rivers, or lakes. Highly recommended use in hydrotherapy treatments.

    68,50 € 76,12 € -10%
  • Biko Brace
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    Biko Brace

    Special assistance for dogs with ataxia. Facilitates walking the dogs with degenerative myelopathy. Corrects the position of the hind limbs.

    122,03 €

Harnesses dogs to help develop their activities of daily living. Harnesses give support and help keep the dog standing, lifting ... just with a little help sometimes dogs are able to perform actions that we believed that they could not do anymore. They can also sport dogs or in extreme situations.

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