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  • Rear leg splint
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    Rear leg canine splint

    Canine splints are used in the treatment of lesions in the distal limbs of dogs. The splints are useful both in neurological problems, where they improve the positioning of the extremities; As in traumatic problems where they support and immobilize. This splint is designed for the dog's rear limb and supports up over the tarsus.

    61,94 €
  • Front leg splint
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    Front leg splint

    Front leg splint Limb injuries in dogs usually require an effective immobilization. This new splint has been moulded like a human one and it is normally used in cases of leg, tarsal or paw injuries. 

    61,94 €
  • Bootie splint
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    Bootie splint

    The bootie splint supports the lower aspect of the rear limb. This brace extends under the paw to stabilize digit or toe injuries, and provides positioning for knuckling or nerve damage problems.

    61,12 €
  • Elbow orthosis
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    Elbow orthosis

    Elbow orthosis ?This is the solution to stabilize your dog's elbows. It is unique in Europe. It improves the mobility of dogs with osteoarthritis or elbow osteoarthritis, reduces hygromes and provides support. Make sure you send all measurements in the comments when placing the order.

    165,25 €
  • hinged knee brace

    Articulated knee brace. It gives support and stability to knees with arthritis or ligament rupture. The orthosis is made to measure on request. Design and manufacturing in North America. Check price and conditions

  • Biko Brace
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    Biko Brace

    Special assistance for dogs with ataxia. Facilitates walking the dogs with degenerative myelopathy. Corrects the position of the hind limbs.

    122,03 €
  • ortesis de codo para el perro amputado
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    Dog amputee elbow orthosis

    Elbow orthosis for the support of healthy member in the dog amputee It gives comfort and stability It protects healthy member of l' amputation due to over-charging Low product demand made to measure

    238,84 €
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Splints and braces are elements that improve the quality of life of pets. Limited joint movement painful or vicious and give help and support physiological joint movements. They can also help in neurology.

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