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  • Corrector de KNUCKLING
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    Corrector de KNUCKLING

    66,08 € 82,60 € -20%
  • NO-Cone Collar
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    NO-Cone Collar

     No-Bite/No Cone Dog and Cat Collar

    46,24 €
  • Tarsal Wrap
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    Hock brace

    Dog tarsal support The hock brace is ideal for dogs with tarsal injuries, tarsal osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and tendinous and articular inflammations.   Back on Track materials may also speed up the healing process.  

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  • Carpal wrap
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    Carpal wrap

    Carpal wrap The dog leg wrap is ideal for dogs with osteoarthritis, arthritis, and injuries in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Back on track materials may even speed up the healing process.

    22,27 €
  • Carpal support
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    Carpal support

    Dog carpal support The support for dog's unstable or osteoarthritic carpus that offers various degrees of immobilization. It is the ideal orthosis for dogs recovering from surgery.  Designed and imported from the United States. Top quality materials and manufacture.

    28,88 €
  • Elbow brace
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    Elbow brace

    Elbow brace The dog elbow brace is suitable to be used before and after surgery and in cases of rheumatoid arthritis; such as osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, arthritis and ED, amongst others. 

    24,77 €
  • knee brace
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    knee brace

    Knee brace It can be used before and after surgery in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, cruciate ligament injury, arthritis, meniscus injury, kneecap problems and tendinitis.

    27,23 €
  • Soporte para la espalda
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    Back brace

      Thoracolumbar thermal support Ideal for dogs with spine osteoarthritis, thoracolumbar instability and periods following disk herniation surgery.   Highly reccommended for dogs with cauda equina syndrome and geriatric dogs with proprioception problems in their back legs due to osteoarthritis or other spine problems.

    48,43 €
  • Soporte de cadera canino
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    Hip and back brace

    Hip and back brace ?It helps dogs with hip and back pain. It is appropriate for active dogs of all ages who suffer from arthritis, mild to moderate hip dysplasia, decreased endurance during activity, hip pain, low back pain or weakness and back leg limping.

    73,85 €
  • Elbow orthosis
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    Elbow orthosis

    Elbow orthosis ?This is the solution to stabilize your dog's elbows. It is unique in Europe. It improves the mobility of dogs with osteoarthritis or elbow osteoarthritis, reduces hygromes and provides support. Make sure you send all measurements in the comments when placing the order.

    165,25 €
  • Biko Brace
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    Biko Brace

    Special assistance for dogs with ataxia. Facilitates walking the dogs with degenerative myelopathy. Corrects the position of the hind limbs.

    122,03 €
  • Soporte para tarso
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    Wrap Hock

    Product designed to fit naturally to the tarsus or hock. Indicated for dogs with osteoarthritis, joint inflammations or ligament injury. Made of neoprene, it prevents the hyperextension of the hock, keeping it in the natural angle and without tension.It allows a good rehabilitation, giving a good subjection and reducing the pain. Sizes: S (<11 kg), M...

    21,03 €

The supports and protectors are light orthotics for dogs with little problems. In osteoarthritis cases are highly recommended, support the joint and heat give articulate improves performance. Typical wrist, knee or sashes lifelong dog now.

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