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  • Botas para perro Ruffwear
    Out of stock
    Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots

    Ruffwear dog bootsA set of 4 Grip Trex dog boots. They set the standard in paw wear for dogs who hike, bike, run or explore the great outdoors with their humans all-season long. Their Vibram sole provides stability and support on uneven surfaces. 

    64,77 € 68,18 € -5%
  • Chaleco Salvavidas
    Out of stock
    Dog life jacket

    Life jacket Ruffwear dog. Ideal to protect your pet in the sea, mountain rivers, or lakes. Highly recommended use in hydrotherapy treatments.

    68,50 € 76,12 € -10%
  • conos rehabilitaci
    Out of stock
    Cones rehabilitation with holes

    Cones with lateral holes for pegs. It is easy, simple and economic stakes for support. We can vary the height and distance of the obstacles easily.

    6,61 €
  • piqueta de pl
    Out of stock
    Pickaxe in plastic for rehabilitation

    Pickaxe in plastic for rehabilitation. They can be inserted at the top of the cones or in the lateral part of the cones with holes, using cones with holes of bracket.

    3,77 €
  • Manta perros impermeable
    Out of stock
    Waterproof thermal rug

    Waterproof thermal rug Specially designed with ceramic fabrics to improve your dog's muscles and articulations.  Highly recommended for dogs that participate in outdoor activities, such as gundogs, agility dogs and mushing dogs, and also for dogs with osteoarthritis and elderly dogs.

    43,64 € 54,55 € -20%
  • Manta para perros
    Out of stock
    Mesh rug

    Thermal rug Rug specially indicated for dogs with osteoarthritis, healing processes and elderly dogs. It is soft and comfortable and fits perfectly well the animal's body shape. It reflects the body heat with the infrared radiation of its ceramic particles. It is ideal to be used all day long.

    53,68 €

We have selected a range of products to enjoy with your dog outdoors doing physical exercise in the open air. For lovers of sport human and canine sport...

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