Rear support harness

Rear support harness

Rear Support harness

This is the ideal help for a dogs with hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or neurological problems in their back legs. It offers security, stability and support.

This harness can be used to support rear and also front legs.

Both the dog's leash and harness can be held with the same hand.   

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Rear Support harness

This harness can give support to both the front and the back legs of dogs with hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis and other locomotor dysfunctions. It is comfortable, light and clean.

 Stop bending down to help your pet standing up or walking.

Suitable for dogs with:

  • -hip dysplasia
  • -hip osteoarthritis
  • -hip instability
  • -motor incoordination
  • -ataxia
  • -weakness in muscles or articulations


-Use the harness as a help, to complement the collar.
-For very small dogs do not use the padded sleeve.
-For big dogs take the sleeve clips off to get a bigger diameter.


1- Comfortable handle protection

2- Adjustable leash

3- Adjustable clips for a perfect fitting

4- Padded sleeves protected with foam and lycra not to irritate your dog's skin



 Follow this steps for a right fitting

 -Try to keep your dog as still as you can.

-Put your dog's legs in the padded sleeves (if the dog is very small, take the sleeve pads off) and adjust them with the help of the clips.

-Hold the leash and adjust it to the right height.

The first time you put the harness on it seems to be a little complicated, but once it is adjusted you will see that it becomes very easy. Moreover, when dogs realise that the harness helps them walk better and relives their pain, they let you put the support on easily and even help you out.

The harness is available in red and green. We constantly improve our products, so the pictures may not always match with the product you get.


Support harness for dogs with hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis or weakness in back legs. 


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