Arthritis in dogs


The Canine osteoarthritis It is a very common disease in dogs. It appears as a result of the inevitable evolution of a joint that ages or is becoming increasingly fragile due to a trauma or a malformation. It is a very painful condition that must be treated immediately. It can affect all the joints of the body, both to that found in the extremities, anterior and posterior, as those that form the backbone. In the case of senior dogs, the most common is that this disorder affects several joints at the same time.

Surface joint is covered by a tissue called cartilage, which plays a role very similar to shock absorbers in automobiles. It also prevents the underlying bone to deteriorate due to the rubbing repeated to that seen under by the continuous movement. Arthritis is characterized by a progressive destruction of the cartilage and by an abnormal bone growth on the edge of surfaces joints known as osteophyte, also called? Parrot peaks? When they are located in the spinal column. The affected joints loseelasticity, they cause pain and prevent the animal from moving normally.

Evolution of deterioration

As a general rule, this medical condition affects, first, high joints of members: hips and knees, shoulders and elbows. The symptoms are more or less important depending on the number of affected joints. However, there is an unmistakable sign that makes us guess that the animal is affected. The lameness tends to manifest itself when the dog gets up and starts after staying for a long time still.

Pain encourages the animal to avoid the support on the affected limb and to be prevented, stops running, and of course, jump. As it evolves, the pain increases. To perform certain movements, dog emitting small groans, even animal shows irascible and tend to be aggressive when we tried to manipulate the affected joint.

In more advanced cases, it is possible that the joint is locked partially, so it is impossible to perform certain movements. At this point, animal questions when using the sick limb. Moreover, this lack of activity involves a significant deterioration of the muscles surrounding the joint.As a result, the diseased area begins to atrophy, with what ever is more complicated use.

Two fundamental types

Generally there are two types of arthritis: the primary and the secondary. The first type tends to affect older animals and appears due to normal aging suffering joints due to the passage of time. In fact, it's progressive and inevitable wear and tear of cartilage joint. Usually, this kind of osteoarthritis affects different points at the same time.

In regards to secondary canine osteoarthritis, appears as a result of a trigger, which makes the affected joint ceases to function normally. For example, this type of arthritis can appear on the occasion of a trauma - a sprain, fracture, etc.- or because of a birth malformation, such as hip dysplasia.

Another very common cause that provokes the appearance of secondary arthrosis is obesity. If you don't control the food your friend can have a weight far above the average in the race. The joints are not made to hold an important kilos overload, which deteriorate easily. Instead ofWhat happens with primary, secondary arthrosis can affect animals of all ages and as a general rule, usually exclusively affect a joint.

Issue a diagnostic

The diagnosis of this disease can be based on three factors: the pathological background of the animal, the examination of the March and manipulation. When studying the history, the veterinarian must take into account ancient fractures joint injuries that the animal has been long ago, as well as potential sprains. To observe the March will be set if the dog limps, albeit only very slightly and from incipient form, since the lameness is a clear symptom of the disease. Finally, when handling the affected area it is quite possible that the animal for signs of pain.

Frequently, the region in which the diseased joint is usually something deformed due to the bone spurs and muscular atrophy caused by the absence of physical activity. Often detects a characteristic click when we move it. Through the x-ray study, animal health specialist can determine the severity of osteoarthritis and establish the most appropriate treatment. Among the possible treatment highlights the emergence of supports specialized for some tips which can effectively combat the deterioration of the quality of life of the animal. The use of these supports is effective and proved in countries like the United States to be as innovative as successful treatments, but its use should be consulted with the veterinarian.

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