Cold weather and osteoarthritis in dogs


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease very common in dogs. Arthritis causes pain, decreased range of motion of joints and joint inflammation.

Weather cold and above all the moisture, can increase the symptoms of this pathology, in autumn and winter is when suffer the most dogs with osteoarthritis.

Two types of arthritis are the primary and the secondary. Primaries are degenerative, can affect more than one joint, and they are due to age and the "wear" of the joint. They are the typical osteoarthritis of knee, Carpus and Tarsus and even spinal column also suffering the human elderly population. Secondary osteoarthritis are due to a bad alignment joint has worn prematurely cartilage joint. These occur after a fracture, especially if it has affected the joint, by a baddisposal (waiving) articulate: bad limbs, or the most common secondary home to a hip dysplasia.

Photo: typical position of the dog with osteoarthritis of the hip


In one case as in the other various things are recommended:

  • Strict control of the diet: the dog must be in its weight ideal, if you are overweight joints suffer very significantly this excess weight.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication, will now recommend cox-2 NSAIDs are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of new generation witha more direct action in the areas of pain and many fewer side effects.
  • Joint protectors: glycosaminoglycans, chondroitin sulfate...
  • Regular physical exercise: it is very important not to lose too much muscle mass, dogs with arthritis tend to weaken the muscles due to lack of use, this weakness and muscular atrophy worsens the picture
  • Sleep in padded, insulated from moisture and warm beds.
  • Joint protectors: joint stands for the function.
  • Avoid exposure to cold and sudden changes in temperature: blankets to protect them from the cold and moisture can help us.

truca a la platja
Photo: exercise is important for maintaining the State joint and muscle.

In Canine orthopedics We sell specific products to protect and give support our animal tarsal joints and carpals wraps.

You can also find Special blankets for a dog that reflect the heat from the same dog and help in cases of osteoarthritis of spine and hip. And mattresses special for relief of arthritis pain in dogs. In the morning when the affected joint is cool, and makes while the dog doesn't move more symptoms.

Products Back on Track are manufactured in Sweden and are made with so-called "intelligent textiles" or new textiles generation unique in its genus that have been developed on the basis of knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine together with the most modern research, in terms of the techniques applied to the textile industry, supported with scientific studies. The resulting product has been a tissue formed by an optimal fusion of polyester/polypropylene and ceramic particles.

Pottery reflects body heat restoring it in the form of infrared radiation. It is well known that infrared light has a calming effect since the soft heat reduces inflammation, reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation. Relax the muscles in tension and the speed of recovery of muscle, tendons, ligaments and joints injured and sore.

Photo: Manta Back on Track, protects from cold and moisture while retaining the warmth of the particular animal.

The function back on Track is from prevent damage, as well as ease and speed up the process of recovery of previous injuries. But it is also used to warm up muscles before exercise or physical work, thus eliminating risks of jerks and fibrilar tear.

These products: they increase blood circulation, accelerate recovery from injuries, reduce inflammations, reduces muscle tension and relieves pain. It relaxes the muscles before work or physical exercise, prevents damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and facilitates and accelerates the healing process of muscles, ligaments, tendons and damaged joints.

Toni Ramon i Boixaderas

Physiotherapist and osteopath canine

Professor of physical therapyVeterinary at the Universitat de Girona

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