what you know about Mushing?



Mushing, now known as sport, is a traditional practice more than useful to navigate snow, using that Yes, dogs shot as a single engine. this mode of transport has had such success that occurred to someone practice it even if there is no snow. A proof that was not only in their idea is the career of los Monegros, a proof of more than 150 km above Earth.

Going back to the original idea of the form of snow, where conditions are more extreme, we must clarify that the care of the dogs by the veterinary teams and the Handler is actually comprehensive.

Both the musher, name given to the runner of this modality, as dogs, as the handler (Assistant of the) musher)they are indispensable in the team, but the determining factor to get the victory remains the strength of and physical status of the animals.

Most importantly for a Musher is caring for their dogs and all regulations are responsible for the welfare of the animal, carrying out veterinary checks before the departures and arrivals of each competition.


that tricks we can use to improve the performance of shooting dogs?

There are textile products with molten ceramic serving as infrared reflecting the dog's own body heat. This reflected heat increases blood circulation, helps to reduce inflammation, relaxes the tense muscles, and facilitates all recovery processes.


Back on Track is a brand marketed by canine orthopedics and manufactures this type of tissues. the use of their products Snow mode shooting dogs is entirely statutory and is a great way to warm up muscles before each competition, improve the recovery of injuries, improve performance during or after the competitions, improve recovery and prevent the appearance of lesions effectively contributing to the welfare of the animals.

Canine orthopedics recommends that you follow a thorough veterinary control for best results of the product applied to Mushing dogs always indicating, both to the musher as to the handlerapplication specific and particular while always ensuring the health of animals.


We have two models of blankets, for mushing dogs we recommend waterproof, protective blankets of Carpus and Tarsus, back protectors and beds for sleep, rest and recover better.


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