Physiotherapy in animals

Physiotherapy in animals is a practical science as necessary as thriving. Proof of this is that every day there are more professionals who practice it, along with others who are busy learning their secrets. The growing interest in improving the welfare of pets requires expanding therapeutic camps that relieve their sufferings. While in the past it seemed that physical therapy and other techniques had mainly sense competition animals such as horses of racing or those assigned to work, today, fortunately, dogs, cats and other pets receive specific care in a rigorous professional context.fisioterapia animales

Manual therapies are part of the strategies being developed in appropriate centres and by qualified specialists. Wear tied to the passage of the years, inflammatory or degenerative diseases in the components of the musculoskeletal system, sequelae of accidents or birth defects are no longer sufficient causes for our dogs live with the pain, the reduction of autonomy or something worse.
Watertight cubicles for the practice of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, acupuncture, mobilization exercises, toning, relaxing massage or rehabilitation are part of healing or palliative strategies. Much remains to be done in the Spanish State and there are still very few who are able to make an indication or apply a treatment.Ortopedia canina fisioterapia perros
The companies that marketed clever resources outweighing what ailment limited are also scarce.Always with the sights set on experts and foreign suppliers we welcome the existence of good technicians helping us provide the care deserved. One of them is Toni Ramon. Physiotherapist of human animals and, above all, non-human, is a diffuser, University Professor of physical therapy applied to animals and technical director of We recommend a visit to the shop so you discover that there are ailments that already offered a good solution releasing your dogs of the evil drink of pain or immobility.


Photos: Toni Ramon and Dr. Rubén Somoza last valuing "Sprocket", a wonderful dog who suffered an amputation of the front leg.


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