The ten keys to Agility

1. Agility is a sport open to all those who have one or more dogs of the breed that is.

2. It consists of dogs, driven by their guides, are able to overcome various obstacles showing his intelligence, obedience, concentration, sociability and agility.Agility lesiones

3. This discipline requires good harmony between the dog and his guide.

4. It is therefore necessary that the participants have the elementary foundations of good preparation in obedience and dog training.

5. Agility can be practiced as leisure, or competitive. There are three categories mini, midi and standard, depending on the extent of the dog

6. Practiced as leisure ago owner and dog enjoy together, engage in physical exercise, share emotions, and get an education and the incomparable dog obedience.

7. The Agility is an ideal method of education, obedience and sociability of the dog.

8. In the competition, the results are completely objective (commits misconduct or reuses or does not commit them) and are highly related to the effort and training.

9. The purpose of the course is to make the dog, led by his guide pass the set of obstacles, in the order listed, with the minimum of penalties and within the TRS (limit of time established by the judge)

10. The route will be changed after each sleeve in order to avoid any 'mechanization' dog.




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