Muscular requirements of Agility


Agility is a sport very full for the dog, combines to perfection the work of the body and the mind, as Juvenal said back in the 1st century A.d. "Mens sana in corpore Sano" dogs competing in Agility must be well physical and mentally.

Standard general Agility guides maintain a very close relationship with your pet, good understanding between dog and guide is essential for a good test, the guide knows perfectly to your pet and know and work well the mental aspect of the dog.

In sports trainingDog Agility, and indeed any dog from other disciplines, we still know less than what we would like.

The State of mind of the dog is known and evaluated by the Guide on a regular basis, but the physical state, Osteoarticular, even the small inconvenience problems or contractures are harder to observe, evaluate and resolve.

Muscle subsequent in Dog Agility is very important, carpal bone problems have a high incidence, and tendon and desmoid problems often go unnoticed, and when we give is that there is a problem already is too late. The dog is usually very motivated to get out to the track, he likes to run, enjoy jumping, and too often does not express the small annoyances that can result in a major injury if we not detected on time or do not protect well their parties more committed.

Jean Marie Denoix, one of the the best veterinary sport horse has a phrase that says,"sport horse is a horse that suffers" We can apply the same phrase in high competition dog. The muscular demand, articular and ligamentous is far above normal and the risk of injury increases.

Human sports medicine, speaks ankle sprain injury to at least 100% of athletes in his career suffer it once and more than 50% twice or more regardless of the sport that is practiced.

There is probably on the dog as frequent as ankle sprains in human injury but we could talk about muscle contractures, pulls or sprains Carpus to give a few examples.

Many are human athletes running knowing your own medical history or compete in other sports with guards, namely knee pads, wrist guards, the famous recently neuromuscular bandages or dressings with kinesiotaping,... all of these devices intended to stabilize a joint, give heat toimprove comfort, extra support, improve muscle function or articulate.

back on track amb agilityMalena KnutssonInternational competitor and instructor of agility. It competes in agility, freestyle and obedience

There are similar tools that would be good to the agilitistas to know and use when necessary, it is possible to buy in Spain, and in Latin America for the dog on These protectors of Carpus or Tarsus We can serve in cases of muscular injuries, joint, or tendon both their recovery at the start of the competition or to prevent relapse. The ceramic fabric blankets helpto keep the hot dog between manga and manga and to improve the recovery effort, extremely advisable in cold times or humid environments.

Prevention should always be a priority.

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