What to do if you have a dog with a herniated disc?



A special care for the animals that suffer from Herniated discs should be at home. These care is needed during and after the treatment:

  • Avoid slippery floors.

  • Avoiding ramps and stairs at the beginning of the treatment in operated animals and animals that make conservative treatment. Rehabilitated once can be used to help raise the sofa and car ramps, since it is advisable not to do it alone, there could be a recidiba.Hernia discal perro?

  • Is recommended that rest on a soft, clean surface, but they are firm enough to help the incorporation of animal special dog mattress.

  • If the animal is not able to move voluntarily, make postural changes every 4-6 hours to prevent ulcers.

  • Help using movements harnessesnot stop it from being dragged by the casaya which can become injured or hit the area of the lesion.

  • Keep skin clean and dry skin.

  • Use special dishes at its height to avoid subjecting the injured area

  • Correct diet and weight control.


It is very important to create a routine of exercise and environment to help keep the animal comfortable and with quality of life.


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