Physical activity in older dogs


To begin we will make it clear to an aspect: age is not a disease older dogs can and must do physical activity, that it adapted to their characteristics.

These characteristics range from age, (of course is not the same a puppy to a dog of 16 years), race or sex, aspects modifiable as fitness, dog humor, orthopaedic, rheumatologic and neurological pathologies, their status of general health (aspects related to internal medicine)...

Dogs must do physical activity throughout life, puppies must run, jump, play with other dogs, climb slopes, jump margins, adulthood from age 2 dogs can canine sports or accompany its owner in rides on bike, mountain, make trekking or running with their owner...

In dogs of large breeds: German Shepherd,Golden, labrador from the 9 - 10 years must begin to monitor your physical activity but in no casePerros ancianos, viejos o con discapacidades físicas

delete it.



If we have a good veterinary control, it is good to do some x-ray control if we observe slight lameness either premature fatigue. Sometimes the dogs stop at their marches or racing problems joint, or by playing, to see something that worries them or their attention and can be confused with tiredness mistakenly attributed the resignation to the long walk to physical fatigue and not to pain joint.

They exist in the market many technical AIDS and orthosis, elbow, knee, Hip, carpal, of Tarsus We can use in older dogs to improve their joint and allow them to continue with their physical activity in a comfortable way.

It is advisable therefore if we observe a "slump" in the sports performance dog or your physical activity go to the vet and not associate it directly with age since many things can be done to improve this State to articulate and adapt physical activity that will contribute to improving your general health and your mood status in particular.

Antoni Ramon Boixaderas

Technical Director of canine orthopedics

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