Applications and placement of the canine carpal support


Stands for carpo they are used in cases of instability of the Carpus, dogs with carpal hyperextension, light or moderate carpal arthrosis and can have a postsurgical use either serve as conservative treatment.

Stands for carpo Canine orthopedics are manufactured in 2 mm thick neoprene. They have the best quality controls, used neoprene and Velcro are cutting-edge, latter is specially designed so that they do not interfere with the hairs of your mascosta.

Its innovative design allows varying degrees of support by adding a stem that is included in the pack. The support provided can be modulated (1 to 3) on a scale of 0 to 4, where 4 is total immobilization.

If not tighten strongly the Velcro has a support grade1 on 4, enough for cases of mild osteoarthritis or at the end of a post-surgical process.

If we tighten the Velcro more significantly gives us a support of colocación vástago soporte carpodegree 2 over 4 which will be indicateddo for moderate osteoarthritis, carpal hyperextension or slight instabilities.

Finally if we place the stem and tighten in a manner consistent conseguimyou a degree of immobilization of 3 on 4 necessary processes of instability or moderate or severe carpal hyperextension, post-surgical process or severe osteoarthritis where We require a good support.



Support for carpo It is situated just above Carpus of the dog with a margin of one or two centimetres above l? falangiana-metacarpal articulation.

The stabilizer shaft should be within the front Velcro Pocket stand.

Canine Icer label must be located on the front of the leg of the dog. There is an extra protection on the inside of the support to protect the extensor tendons.

colocación soporte carpo para perro

The first days, may be that the dog will feel strange, we can use it for a few hours so that it gets used because we let it be placed without problems throughout the day from the first week. In cases of post-surgical dogs will be placed you support permanently from the first day.

You can machine wash promptly in cold or warm water, but it is recommended to remove stains with a damp cloth.

Excess Velcro straps can be trimmed whenever necessary, be sure before cutting that the subject is correct.



It is very important check the skin mascot every two or three hours the first days of the implementation to check the possible appearance of small lacerations or iskin rritacion; in this case we use the support during the first few days a couple or three hours and leave the skin of the animal.

During the night or in long rest periods we can remove the brace. (Except in post-surgical cases). 

It is very important to the bracket with dry skin. 

In the case of sweating of the distal limb (hands and fingers) within minutes of the bracket, shallbe removed and place it later and less tight.

How to know the size you need

To choose the right size, you have to measure the perimeter of the leg contour of your dog at the height of the Carpus.

 If the perimeter is:

Less than 7 cm         Size XS

Between 7 and 10 cm         Size S or M Depending on the length of the leg

Between 10 and 12.5 cm    Size L

Between 12.5 and 16 cm    Size XL



Toni Ramon

Physiotherapist and osteopath's dogs

Technical Director of canine orthopedics


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