How to use electrotherapy antalgic TENS in dogs 


TENS It is an acronym of (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Transcutaneous electrical stimulation. It is the power supply most in analgesia for your safety, your comfort for the patient and their excellent results.

For its correct implementation, we must take into account the following parameters:

3-4Hz (up to 10) and high amplitude 250ms or more will act on the stimulation of the secretion of endorphins.

The device should operate between 25 and 30 minutes at a very high intensity, we must see clearly the muscle contractions.
The effect can reach up to 24 hours.
TENS bull dog
10-20 Hz and an approximate amplitude of 250ms we will be generating a muscular recreation, increase of muscle trophism.

We would work about 15-20 minutes at an average intensity, seeing a muscular contraction.

Between 80 and 100 Hz and an amplitude of 100-150ms would be working the way it is ideal for treating the pain located in a knee, elbow, etc, is what we call "Conventional TENS".
In this case and to make local "sedation" we must work at least 20 minutes and we can leave the Tens up to a few hours. The intensity is low, without twitching or contractions in the skin, and the effect is short a short time since the end of the application.


We watch "the acostumbracion", regularly upload the intensity or slightly modify the amplitude without leaving the parameters. There are devices that allow an amplitude modulation which reduces the acostumbracion.

To treat according to the "localized pain" have putthe electrodes in the area of pain regardless of the tissue that has been under the electrodes, instead to treat dogs looking for the effect of "stimulation of endorphins" must put them on bundles of large muscle groups that we will stimulate the muscles looking for the contraction of this and it will be much more comfortable and effective if we do it on a large muscle bundle.

When we get muscle contractions will place an electrode shaped proximal and distal, but within the muscle group that you want to treat.
You must not put the Red "positive" and "negative" black is always in the same location, but itself symmetrical and never crossed.

For use on dogs recommend rubber electrodes and contact gel, Since silicone electrodes, often used in human, will very quickly lose its adhesive ability and part of the conductivity.

They exist in the market packs complete to perform electro-stimulation in dogs.

Toni Ramon

Physiotherapist specializing in animals

Professor of veterinary physiotherapy at the Universitat de Girona

Director Técnico de

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