Has he heard of hydrotherapy for animals?

Has your veterinarian recommended you that your pet swim?


Hydrotherapy, water therapy, has benefits for certain ailments of the body and helps to maintain the good condition of your pet's health. Through the use of water isgato a l'agua they can relieve ailments that your pet suffers as e.g. osteoarthritis, pneurological problems, muscle pain, excessive weight, etc., in the long run can impact negatively on their health. In addition, many of the etologyou and canine educators recommend it as therapy for nervous and hyperactive dogs because it relaxes them.


Many are the benefits provided by the hydrotherapy: pain relief, sub marinismo perrostiffness, swelling,strengthens muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves range of motion of joints, increases circulation, improves cardio-respiratory residency (improved exercise tolerance) and, thanks to the phenomenon of floating that occurs, helps move and re-educate the March in animals with much difficulty or inability to walk and desplatar in dry land (severe arthritis, neurological operationssplits?) Hydrotherapy can be used in both acute as chronic, and depends on the State of the animal and his medical condition, varies the number of sessions, the duration and the intensity of the therapy.

Water therapy can be done through swimming pools (the animal can make any type of exercise), underwater tapes (essential to re-educate affectations in locomotion), jacuzzi (which gives an effect of massage and relaxation), contrast baths (to treat circulatory problems). Hydrotherapy is beneficial for the care of your dog if it is accompanied by healthy diet and exercise. In the case of animals with diseases accelerates the process of recovery and maintenance. Serious conditions of: kidneys, liver, heart, respiratory, skin, cancer, etc. is not recommended to perform this therapy and it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian.


Marta Subirats Laguarda

dogs therapist diploma from the University of Tennessee

Contributor to canine orthopedics

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