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Pets provide great benefits in the field of physical and emotional people sharing life with them. Always, dogs especially, give more than they receive. At the time who suffer an accident or degenerative disease, dogs are many and very good care; the veterinary clinics and professionals provide services and care that a few years ago were unthinkable.

When a dog is left paralyzed in their posterior third, this usually occurs well due to traumatic or degenerative diseases. The trauma may be by accident or spontaneously and it courses as a herniated disk extrusive compressing the cord and paralyzes the dog from the hernia back segment. The degenerative often well by severe arthritis, hip that prevent mobility dog or degenerative myelopathy.

There are plenty of models of wheelchairs in the market silla de ruedas artesanal for dog, from the most traditional)You can download a manual of how to make it and make yourself at home), passing by wheelchairs for dogs manufactured by hand by people who love the animals that provide them at a great price or the "most advanced" a very elaborate design and all the flexibility and adaptability as possible.

The main problem when ordering a wheelchair is well take measures and wait the necessary time needed to manufacture it and send it to the domicile of the injured dog. Handcrafted chairs are chairs are sturdy but heavy and bulky and offered a limited capacity to adapt to the animal in particular. These chairs can be ordered online or at several veterinary centres and usually take between 15 days and one month.

There are chairs of different materials, the simplest, these that them can be manufactured yourself following the instructionsInternet, they are of PVC pipe; the craft tend to be of steel or other metal that can be painted; wheelchairs for dog industrial materials are more noble and aesthetic, any of methacrylate or extruded aluminium.

These are the lightest on the market. In fact, there is an American Chair that can be adapted to any dog, must not then wait for it to manufacture it and therefore the can be achieved from one day to another. This agility is appreciated when you have your dog lying on the floor without being able to lift. The dog wheelchair adaptable  they can be used continuously, they can fold to travel and take up very little space. They also have a design that allows the dog to adapt very quickly, since we can make greater 

silla ruedas aluminio

number of settings as we go watching the progression of the dog. They are chairs ideal for puppies as they grow with the dog and we can simply change the wheels if the dog grows a lot.

The choice of wheels for all models of wheelchair is very important. Depending on where you live the dog, from where come out to stroll, the environment in which they inhabit we must use a wheel type or other. A dog that is mainly in city, in an apartment or small house and leave as much at a nearby park or asphalt, a small wheel will be most appropriate, it is easier to carry, more comfortable to go through narrow sites, more maneuverable. Instead a dog living in the field, out at del monte to take walks, or in large developments where there are fields, or large expanses of boils, Earth or sand the dog would appreciate a larger wheel, type small bicycle; radios with good bearings. The Chair will be more stable, more robust, albeit somewhat heavy and cumbersome for small sites.




Toni Ramon

Physiotherapist specializing in animals

Professor at the Universitat de Girona

Technical Director of canine orthopedics


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