Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for cats I


Cats are also predisposed to injury, just as them suffering dogs, but lower percentage due to its flexibility.

Musculoskeletal injuries, which can be treated through physiotherapy, rehabilitation or osteopathy, are those derived from flying or paratrooper cat syndrome, and suffered after an outrage.

Flying or paratrooper cat syndrome usually occurs in cats that live in high altitudes and, after following a fly, butterfly? or for being too curious, they fall into the void from great heights. Although we know that cats exceeded and support problems that emerge from the falls and come out unscathed either with minor injuries, who solves his own body, - it comes saying that cats have seven lives-; There is a minority group of cats, suffer more severe injuries and need veterinary care and later retrieval.

gato con piernas ortopedicasAmong the most common injuries, which occur in cats after falls or abuses, are: chest, facial, oral, abdominal injuries and the most treated with rehabilitation, fractures, and dislocations of members or of the spine.



Physical therapy and rehabilitation with the gatyou is characterized, most of the time, it is necessary to use additional strategies during the session and nor Penzaselected techniques are well acceptACE.

It is worth mentioning that after eating, cats are more relaxed and are more tolerant retrieval exercisesperation. By pet is a cat, generally, is not taught as a dog. They are animals that are not required to perform daily physical exercise, move, play, washing, etc., when they want, therefore, when applied according to which techniques or are made to perform physical exercise they might be invaded and its character can be altered. gato con electroestimulación percutáneaTo prevent this the atmosphere should be relaxed, without stimulus that the alter or desconcentre them and the intensity of the techniques and exercises should be very carefully and progressively increasing the intensity.

Physiotherapy treatment varies depending on the animal and the State and extent of the lesion. It is important to start as soon as possible, to make this effective, and to avoid sequels, as disabilities and/or chronic pain that eventually it can lead to the appearance of arthrosis.

The animal goes through different phases until total recovery.  It is essential to achieve the objectives gradually. It occurs terminate the recovery process when the animal is suitable to carry out daily activities.


Marta Subirats Laguarda

Animal physiotherapist

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner by the University of Tennessee


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