Secure payment


At you can pay with the following methods:

  1. 1. Bank transfer

The most suitable payment is Bank transfer to the account of "La Caixa" detailed in the purchase process.

2. Credit or debit card

You can also make pay you by card directly on the catwalk of "la Caixa", which will provide you at the end of the purchase process. Your card details are entered directly on the platform of "la Caixa". At no time canine orthopedics will have data on the card.

3. Paypal

PayPal is the secure pay on the Internet. Leading fraud prevention tools of the market and the ability to pay without sharing your financial information will help reduce risks. Their safety increases even more thanks to the PayPal purchase protection programs and a specialized service to the customer.

This method can be an additional cost due to the high fees that apply.

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