The 7 basic questions about hip dysplasia

 1. What is hip dysplasia?

It is one of the most common diseases in dogs, especially large breeds.

  2 What is the disease?

In a mismatch between the femoral head and the acetabulum, i.e. a bad gear of the hip joint. The femoral head is partially out of the acetabulum and hip may not work correctly.

  3 Is affected by more to some races than others?

Yes, hip dysplasia practically does not exist in greyhounds and yet is very frequent in SanBernardo and mastiffs. It is also quite common in the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Rottweiler among other races.

 4. How to know the severity of dysplasia?

There are various grades of Dysplasia, but there are also different ways of measuring it, the most common is an x-ray that must be done to dogs near the year of life. This x-ray should be done in a very specific position and with relaxed musculature, so we normally need to anesthetize the dog.

 5. What are the symptoms?

Usually lameness in dogs from 5 to 10 months but you can stay without giving problems during youth and adulthood and debuting with major problems in the geriatric period. The movement towards the sides of the hips can also be indicative of hip dysplasia.

 6 Do you have something to do with arthritis?

They are two different problems, but Dysplasia of hip, the mismatch of the joint, can cause over time this joint to degenerate and ends up suffering from osteoarthritis in the hip. Osteoarthritis is what hurts, especially in old age. Dysplasia can largely be responsible for that dog has developed arthritis.

 7. Is there treatment?

There are several treatments, various surgeries prior to the year of life and other methods like hip prosthesis when the dog is bigger and has ended the growth.

We also have palliative treatments such as NSAIDs or cartilage (chondroprotectors) guards. In very severe cases a dog wheelchair can be put and the dog still walk but not bear the burden of your weight. technical equipment


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