Are dog splints for what?


The use of splints in human medicine is a very common treatment in a myriad of diseases and injuries. In dogs, on the other hand, rarely used for several reasons:

There was no splints on the market similar to those used for people.

Splints that were used, were trading very simple either were homemade.

Until recently even these low-quality commercial splints were difficult to obtain.

To not have good material and be accessible, not little they were used by veterinarians.ferula para perro

Treatment protocols was not described in the usesplints in all its therapeutic possibilities.

A few years ago that have appeared on the market splints for dogs of good quality, adapted perfectmind to the anatomy of the dog, adjustable and in different versions for anterior and posterior members.

Splints can be used both for Orthopedic, trauma, or neurological problems.


In orthopedic problems:

Malformations and instabilities joint of Carpus and Tarsus they are one of the indications of the use of splints in veterinary medicine which have better results. The function of the splint will be maintaining the position of the Member the correct alignment that can work properly and well withstand the loads.

In trauma problems:

They can help in post-surgical process and also be used in conservative treatments. They can be very useful in open wounds that we must cure frequent member which must remain immobilized. Splints allow an important immobilization which can be 'removed and put', much more effective, economical, hygienic and faster than the complicated bandages.

 menta amb férula

In neurological problems:

In typical cases of proprioceptive deficits or knucling are the first choice, fix the position of the Member in the space and we allow the dog to support face plantar or palmar of fingers correctly. We can remove the splint at night, wash it without problems, and its placement is quick and easy.

Dog splints they are one of the most underused therapeutic possibilities in small animals, ignorance of the existence of this possibility is subtracting efficacy to treatment of various pathologies in our pets.




Toni Ramon

Animal physiotherapist

Technical Director of


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