The team of canine orthopedics


Canine orthopedics comes from the dissolution of another store online that you had created from the concerns of the physiotherapist of animals Antoni Ramon

Toni Ramon is the pioneer in the treatment of physiotherapy and reconditioning to dogs and horses in Spain. He began working in this field in 1998 when in Spain practically nobody knew the physiotherapy and rehabilitation in animals.

On the journey to the I symposium on rehabilitation and physiotherapy for animals that place in Oregon USA in 1999 met a series of products that do not exist in Spain.

Director Técnico

For years was using them with clients until he decided to offer them to the Spanish public since first on another page and now on more av offers a selection of productsanzados to improve the lives of our animals.

We follow assistiendo conferences, presenting papers, observing the world market in this field both in the field of animals as in human and newly developing own of Spanish technology products to improve the quality of work of our pets.

Tecnica             Técnica Veterinaria

Vets and physiotherapists of dogs such as Marta Subirats and the Dra Costabile collaborate offers expert advice to its clients and collaborates with different associations and protective.

We will continue to work to improve the life of our dogs.

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