Elbow orthosis

Elbow orthosis

Elbow orthosis

?This is the solution to stabilize your dog's elbows.

It is unique in Europe.

It improves the mobility of dogs with osteoarthritis or elbow osteoarthritis, reduces hygromes and provides support. Make sure you send all measurements in the comments when placing the order.

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Elbow orthosis

?What is the elbow orthosis for?

It can be used for the treatment of hygromas, calluses, decubitus ulcers, elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis, swelling and limps that cause pain to so many dogs.

Calluses become softer and more flexible. The support reduces osteoarthritis pain and improves mobility thanks to the heat emitted by Polartec Power Stretch-RX.


The Airprene patch protects the articulation from the home's hard surfaces.

What is it made of?

It is made of Polartec Power Stretch-RX, with 4-way stretch fabric, which is highly breathable in its 3 dimensions. The support is adjusted and attached with the unique Velcro hook and loop fastening systems. Its Airprene nylon reinforcements  provide extra protection to the extremities. 


- after surgery and conservative treatments

- Hygromes and bursitis

- Instability and articular hypermobility

- Elbow osteoarthritis

- Elbow arthritis

- Elbow dysplasia

- Proprioceptive deficits?

* Seek advice for amputee dogs.

How to measure your dog to get the right size

All elbow orthosis are tailor made with the measurements you send us. Use a sewing tape or a vinyl tape measure, never a carpenter rigid tape.

It is very important you get the right size. Bear in mind that all elbow supports are used to protect articulations, not to restrict movement. They have not been designed to be used as splints or compression bandages. 

1- Measure from point of elbow on one side of your dog, up and over back to elbow on opposite side.

2- Measure around both the dog's left and right legs, at the point of the elbow. The measurements may differ, specially in case of swelling.

3- Measure around both the dog's left and right legs, 10 cm below the point of the elbow. They may also be different.

4- Measure from point of the elbow to the floor.

Medidas de la ortesis

*Make sure you send all measurements (1, 2, 3 and 4) in the comments when placing the order.


We have some standard sizes in stock, but most orthosis are custom made with the measurements you send us. Bear this in mind in case the delivery takes a bit longer than usual.

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