NO-Cone Collar

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 No-Bite/No Cone Dog and Cat Collar

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A No-Cone Collar for wound protection

  • Protects the back, rump, base of tail, flanks, chest, abdomen and genitals.
  • Stops small and medium dogs from licking their feet (Dobermans and German Shepherds are difficult to stop).
  • Also protects urinary, femoral and jugular catheters, and may be for cervical stabilization.
  • Do not use to protect eyes or ears.
  • Wraps snugly around the animal's neck and should be wide enough to extend from behind the ear to the top of the shoulder.
  • Made of flexible plastic and are secured by velcro and an elastic wraparound strap. They also have a patented harness strap which wraps around the animal's chest to prevent the animal from flipping the collar over its head. These collars really stay on!
  • Peripheral vision is unimpeded. Dogs and cats are calmer and happier.
  • Custom sewn, machine washable and can be used again and again.
  • Available in seven sizes for dogs and two sizes for cats (see chart for approximate sizing).
  • When choosing size, the collar must stretch from behind the animal's ear to the top of its shoulder for maximum protection.







   Weight of Dog   

Cat SM                6 cm.           38 cm.       - 4,5 kg.
Cat LG7,5 cm.38 cm.+ 4,5 kg.
10'5 cm.40'5 cm.- 4,5 kg.
411'5 cm.46 cm.4,5 a 8 kg.
513 cm.53'5 cm.8 a 15 kg.
5L13 cm.61 cm.15 a 20 kg.
616 cm.69 cm.20 a 32 kg.
718 cm.71'5 cm.32 a 45 kg.
820'5 cm.81 cm.45 a 63 kg.

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NO-Cone Collar

NO-Cone Collar

 No-Bite/No Cone Dog and Cat Collar

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